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» Wed Mar 14, 2012 8:21 pm
The trade of Monta for Bogut has shown that the new owenership isn't scared to make changes and this one looks like it is a good one. With that, what should be the next trade made by the team.

For me, SJack has to go immediately, like before the trade deadline. Here are my proposals:

1. SJack to Dallas for Odom - Odom just hasn't been used well by Dallas, not even starting and not contributing much. I thought he'd do more than he did in the Lakers, but he's doing much less, so they could see more use in SJack maybe. I think Odom at SF here would be a perfect fit and give a monstrous rebounding frontline with Lee and Bogut. Odom is a great allround player and his passing especially is a real asset.

2. SJack to Portland for GWallace - Have read that GWall is being looked to be moved by Portland. I don't know why they'd do that as he fits in well there, but I'd get him. He'd fit real well also, being a great defender and allround player. That'd be another great move to significantly improve the team defensively.

3. SJack to Detroit for Prince - Prince seems to do less nowadays, but he is real good at what he's always been good at and that's defense and relative allround play. He is a role player that could fit great next to Curry, Lee and Bogut. He makes almost three million less than SJack, so an improvement salary wise, and he has another four years left on his contract so he is not a risk of leaving soon.

4. SJack to New Orleans for Ariza - Ariza has fallen a bit from the great play he showed the two years or so, but he's be better than SJack for sure and is still young and able to fit in well. Very athletic wing player that could go well, especially with Curry running with him.

5. SJack to Utah for RBell, JEvans and JHoward - Bell, who is 36 years old and near the end of his career, has two years left on a low salary contract, the other two are out of contract after this season. I like JHoward, always have since his very good days in Dallas and think he'd be a good SF if he stayed, otherwise, SJack goes for nothing and that's not that bad, being a salary dump now rather than in the offseason or after next season.

6. SJack to Denver for CBrewer and CAnderson - Always liked CBrewer and his defense. He is already good scorer and can only improve offensively as well, but he is a player that would fit well with the others who start. CAnderson has always been a great defender and short minutes guy for Denver and he could be used more here than he is there. A great backup for Lee and Bogut.
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» Wed Mar 14, 2012 10:45 pm
I don't think anything will happen until the offseason ot even until next years deadline.
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» Thu Mar 15, 2012 12:59 am
I'd shut down SJack if he isn't trade before the deadline, he will just take away from others, especially DWright, whose value needs to be kept at its highest so he is worth more in a trade.

Actually, maybe SJack and DWright, both expirers this offseason with one more season left on their contracts, can be traded together for something good. Be a dream to trade both to Atlanta for JSmith, should Atlanta really decide to go without him. JSmith next to Curry, Lee and Bogut would be great. Defense goes up another notch

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