Max Kellerman says KD will not be a top 5 player this year

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» Wed Oct 03, 2018 1:27 pm

Oh geez. I think he said something about Simmons and Giannis potentially surpassing him this year. It's funny because Kellerman didn't even mention Curry in the top 5 of his list of best players. He says that KD isn't even close to Lebron's level... How in the world do you figure that? KD has been better on the defensive end than James lately, he's still a 4 time scoring champ, he can play on and off the ball. Lebron is really good at carrying teams and putting all the load on himself, but in the end KD still out-shined him when it counted.

Even if you like Lebron better, I don't get how Kellerman can claim that Lebron is light years better. It's like no matter how many times the Warriors win, no matter how many points KD scores, there's nothing he can do to make Kellerman even consider saying anything slightly different. Plus he didn't even mention Curry in his list of top 5 best players.. while still admitting that Curry is more important than Durant. :shock:

He said if Ben Simmons improves his jumper than he can move up ahead of Kevin Durant this year..
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» Sat Oct 06, 2018 4:57 am
Doesn't matter what these attention seeking chat guys say. Follow the humble, fact based article writers Stairway.

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